Do you want to stand out among your competitors? Or to do things in a unique way? Or to woo your employees? Or to attract eminent potential clients? Or to enhance your brand name? If that is the case, if you are looking to add a bit of elegance to your corporation, a corporate yacht charter is worth considering. This is because yacht parties in Vancouver are considered to be one of the most glamorous and an indication of prosperity. Hence, if you want to inspire and motivate your hard-working employees, impress potential clients, or enhance your brand awareness, corporate cruise parties will help you go a long way.

Perfect View Around Vancouver With the scenic backdrop, soothing voices of nature, and the smooth calm of the sea, dinner cruises Vancouver creates a perfect ambiance for any corporate event. You can faze your guests with all the amazing features and facilities that a yacht rental Vancouver will have to offer onboard. It will be a perfect venue to awe people and socialize …


Rent A Yacht On A Day Of Joy! Getting married is not just a matter of wearing a ring for the rest of your life. There is so much more you can do to make this joyful day memorable. From how you celebrate it to whom you invite, a wedding day is about making memories to last. Forget the mainstream wedding celebrations in hotels for a while. You can rent a yacht instead! Yacht rental Vancouver has become popular due to the picturesque scenery the city offers and the mystic blend of nature and modernity it has. Hire a wedding cruise Vancouver and throw a wedding ceremony everyone will be jealous of! 

Why Rent A Yacht?  How often have you heard that a friend got married on a wedding cruise? Probably never! That is because yacht rental Vancouver is just as unique and unusual as it initially was. You are deciding to tie the knot in a wedding cruise; you are embracing simplicity and elegance over typical bling. Vancouver Yacht Charters is one of those wedding cruise service providers that wil…

6 Hot Tips for Your First Yacht Charter

Planning yacht charter may sound challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. With the proper guidance and assistance, a yacht charter is just another great thing you can add to your life’s dose of happiness. 
1. Basics of Planning a Yacht Rental
Choosing The Right Flock:  What if you wanted a day of diving and waterboarding on a beautiful island, but have toddlers to go with you? Not going to work! It is vital to choose the right people for the right yacht charter. Decide whom you want to bring before you decide on the package.  Plan The Work:  You might want to chill on the deck sipping champagne while someone else might need a thoroughly pampered spa holiday. Disputes between ideas are common, but it is better to settle on a route plan before you hop on board. Talk to your yacht rental service to figure out ways to address everyone’s individual preferences.  Check Your Pocket:  The extravagance of some charter yachts could be expensive, so you need to pick a pac…

Whale Watching Cruises Vancouver

Whale Watching For Less
Whale watching sounds like a tropical dream. Not everyone makes enough cash to throw on an expensive tour to a faraway island where you will have to pay quite a fortune to get on board a whale-watching cruise ship. What if we tell you that you are now eligible to do this right from where you are?
Joining a whale-watching cruise in Vancouver sounds like a distant dream, but not anymore with Vancouver Yacht Charters. We offer Vancouver yacht rental services that will take you to the dreamy and exhilarating Bowen Islands – giving you a magnificent treat of the sight of mystic whales gliding past you in heavenly grace.
Vancouver Yacht Rental For Whale Watching
Vancouver Yacht charters will take you to Bowen Island, bringing you close to nature, adventure, and relaxation. Being on a reputed cruise rental Vancouver, you will get to enjoy the rare sight of these majestic creatures submerged in water, their bodies glistening in the orange summer sun. If you hop on board wi…